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Fantastic Nightstand with Pull Out Tray

November 20, 2019 Modern Nightstands

Really Practical Tall Nightstand for Small Space

A new bedside table, new tall nightstand, a bed cloth to hide the boxing pad and so little pillows and dims to make it all a bit cozy and nice. More would not exist. And when you’re so fond of nice evening routines , it’s great to end your day in a setting that makes a happy one, comfortable and gives you a feeling of well-being.

It has really been evaluated and discarded many bedside solutions before we found the right solution. We did not need tall nightstand with a lot of storage here, just a few books, and a bit of dims. And then it’s nice that they do not stand on the floor so vacuuming is easy under them + that gives a slightly easier design to the room.

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The solution turned out to be pretty nice, cheap and perfect for the room. I fell for the design of these letterboxes from Ikea , which is so nice with the little chop into the most mellow plate. The tree did not fit completely into our interior, but it was fixed with a bottle of white spray paint and then a single sheet to make the tall nightstand durable.

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