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Reclaimed wood bench from a Bulky Pallet

Reclaimed wood bench – It’s already summer, it’s sunny, and that’s the moment when you decide to decorate or decorate outside or outside. And if you are one of those who like to be original and unique, then you are definitely looking for interesting ways to make your exterior more inviting and modern. How to turn a bulky pallet platform into a comfortable bench? First of all it is necessary to find a suitable pallet, which has the axes all close together.

The legs are made with sub-measures that unfortunately are to be bought, but they give the right strength to the whole. Then proceed by cutting the pallet with proportions of about 1/3 for the backrest and 2/3 for the seat. At this point, four wooden slats are cut to obtain the bench legs, two short at the front and two longer at the back. So that they also act as a frame for the pallet back. To reinforce the custom wood bench structure, wooden slats are then used, embedded with wood-like joints made with a chisel.

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At this point, everything is smoothed, taking care to remove the various nails that often protrude from the pallets. It is then painted at will by rubbing it all over with very fine abrasive paper because the paint makes the wood “stand on the wood”. Especially when it is so poor, giving an unpleasant effect. After it is well polished, other layers of varnish are given at will. Even, can leave them quite rough because I like them very rustic. And your reclaimed wood garden bench was done.

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