Reclaimed Wood Headboard with Shelves

Oct 9th

Reclaimed wood headboard – A headboard is located at the head of the bed, behind the pillows. Some headboards are attached to the bed frame while others are attached to the wall. They are made for functionality or design (sometimes both). Shelf headgear fits into both categories. Located above the bed, they are useful as a nightstand. Put your books, lamp, alarm clock, etc. within range. Decorative items can be placed on the shelf to add to the room’s design. The shelves are easy to transform headgear.

Reclaimed wood headboard with shelves, decide where you want to place on the shelf over the bed. And then you can put the shelf wherever you want, but make sure you can sit up in bed without touching your head on it. Decide on the number of shelves and their location on the wall. Then use a level and a pencil to draw a line where the shelves will go. Buy wooden boards of height and width as you wish for the shelf. Measure shelf length and cut them with a saw. Sand the tree with 220 gravel sandpaper. Sand all the sides, especially any sides you cut with the saw. When they are slippery, wipe the wood clean with a damp cloth.

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Paint the tree with a primer. Read the labels to find out which products are good to use as a wood primer. Most brands say specifically what materials can be used on. Wait for the wood to dry. And then paint the tree the color you choose for the shelf. Wait until the paint is dry. If the color looks thin or striped, add another layer. Hold the hidden shelf bracket for the lines you have drawn on the wall. Mark a dot for each screw hole.

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Drill a hole with drilling machine on each dot. If the hole is on a wall stud there is less work for you. If the hole is drilled directly in plasterboard, with no wall stud behind it, use a hammer to insert a Molly bolt. Turn exercise to remove the screw from the inside of the Molly bolt. Then place the bracket on the wall and align the holes. Drill the screws in the holes. Make sure they are tight (cannot be rotated further). And then put the rear end of the shelf in the holder channel. Tips and warnings for best reclaimed wood headboard with shelves. Buy a hidden shelf bracket that has a channel at the right height for the shelf you choose.

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