Redecorating Rustic Wood Paneling for Walls

May 3rd

Rustic wood paneling for walls – In many older houses dated wood panels create a dark, cave-like feel. When you want to light up your home, explore ways to cover panels without going to the trouble and the cost of removing panels. Choose an option that suits your abilities and budget, and work carefully to avoid a sloppy end result.

First, wash the walls carefully to remove dirt and cleaning wax that has accumulated over the years. Prime those with one or two oil-based primary layers, which will help the color, stick to the wall instead of rolling the surface of the rustic wood paneling for walls. Depending on the type of panels in your home, you may need to experiment with different brands of primer to find one that works with your walls. Once the walls are primed, cover them with a single layer of white color, and let them dry completely. Continue laying rocks until you have a solid cover with some shadows from panels showing through; the darker areas will add texture and depth and give the appearance of wood, whitewashed walls.

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To revive rustic wood paneling for walls use the wallpaper. If the grooves in the wall are deep, fill them with joints and smooth them over with a flap to smooth the surface. Apply primer over the surface. When dry, advise Whitman Wallpaper website as you use an acrylic emulsion dimension to create a structured surface. Cover the wall with wallpaper liner, and when it is set up, wallpaper as usual. The wallpaper liner allows the paper to hang smoothly without showing the seams between the panels.

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