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October 31, 2019 Wall Panels Design

Removable Wall Panels Options

Removable wall panels – No matter how much time you spend in the basement, the walls in the room can be annoying. Usually made of concrete, the unfinished walls can keep you from properly enjoying the space. Wall treatments provide ways to decorate each wall in the basement or make a single accent wall. Turn your basement into a place you want to be.

Fabric Walls

Turn fabric removable wall panels and liquid starch into a decorating system. Fabric has a different look and texture than traditional wallpaper and is suitable for cellar walls. Cut fabric panels to the length of the wall. Wash the walls thoroughly with soap and water and allow them to dry completely. Paint the liquid starch on the cellar walls with a roller, working in small areas. Gently press the fabric on starch and rub the walls. Roll more starch over the top of the fabric. It’s best to start at the top of the fabric and work your way down.

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Cork Wall

Purchase sheets of cork from your local home improvement store. The cork is the same type used in the construction of corkboards. Attach the cork directly to the removable wall panels, using a liquid adhesive. Arrange pieces of different sizes and shapes for a more interesting texture on the walls or simply attach the cork to the walls of long leaves.

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