Restore Weathered Teak Patio Furniture

Jul 4th

Do you feel that your garden furniture in teak gets dirty with dust, soil or bird clots? Do you want to preserve the golden color of your teak smiths while protecting them from dirt and algae? So you do not have to worry about cleaning the teak patio furniture? Give them either teak oil or soap treatment before using them. However, teak patio furniture is popular for its remarkable ability to keep up with a variety of outdoor conditions. And its natural resistance to moisture, fungus and drying caused by sun and exposure to wind and rain.

Although many prefer to leave teak to achieve the natural gray patina caused by aging, others will like to maintain the original look and finish. You can restore weathered teak furniture to its natural splendor easily with a little grinding and a few handy products. To restore weathered teak patio furniture, starting with use a soft brush or copper puff. These to remove any smaller surface pimples and wash three with warm soapy water, rinse well. You can also use a cleaner specifically designed for teak furniture. Do not use high pressure washers or heavy hoses, hard steel brushes or steel wool, as this may damage the wood. Two, release any noticeable area scratches.

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Use fine-sandpaper all over the surface of teak furniture to smooth the tone. Be sure to sand in the direction of the grain. Rinse and allow the wood to dry thoroughly. Three, put on rubber gloves and apply teak oil with a brush that starts on the top of the furniture and work your way down. Make sure the surface is wet with the oil, but do not slather it on so that water ponds or pools. Four, wait 10 minutes until the oil becomes tacky and wipe excess oil with a clean dry cloth. If you are satisfied with the color, follow up with a new clean cloth; rasp any residual oil into the tree.

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Five, to achieve a darker teak patio furniture color, the other layer applies one hour after the first and follow up with two clean clothes to remove excess. Re-oil your furniture periodically to maintain the color. Teak oil protects spots from saves into the furniture. Tips and warnings: small cracks that develop in the grain on furniture legs or arms are a natural occurrence call with “checking.” These cracks will come and disappear depending on the temperature and will not damage the furniture. Never use any oils other than the teak oil for the furniture. This can promote mold.

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