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Solid Wood Storage Bed With Recycled Material

May 14, 2019 Wood Bed

Shelves Made From Solid Wood Shelves

Obviously, linear designs meet this broad, functional solid wood shelves function, removing excessive elements and ensuring maximum storage space. The long, rectangular, recycled wood surface on the base, sideboard and board height in pairs with elegant four-door combinations; behind personal items or tableware can be store safely and protected. The highlight is a 2 cm thick shelf wall of travertine red limestone.

Solid wood shelves which is 2 cm thick located in an angled steel frame made of 2 cm x 2 cm square steel tube. With the front and back beautifully processed, it is suitable as stand-alone furniture or room dividers, as well as wall shelves. The shelf is not visually dominant due to its pure design and relatively narrow square steel tubes, allowing space for, and not reducing, decorative objects positioned inside.

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The model solid wood shelves illustrated has a height of 200 cm, length of 250 cm, and a width of 30 cm. CELESTE features a smooth whiteboard, and the steel frame in RAL 3012 is creamy red, however, all colors in the RAL palette are available and can be requested. The limestone described is red, but the color can also vary; replaced by bright, yellowish, brown or cream color from travertine stone.

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