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November 27, 2020 Bathroom

Simple Bathroom Design for Apartment and Modern Houses

Simple Bathroom Design is new minimalist design for bathroom. Traditional bathroom consist of several element inside such as bath tub, water closet, and others. It takes much space. For minimalist house design, it is not appropriate. Simple bathroom just use little space for bathroom. It just consists of door, shower, water closet, and a small deck.

Various model ofsimple bathroom design

This design is simple one bathroom architecture. All of common equipment used in bathroom has replaced with modern equipment that takes small space. Beside, design for simple bathroom use modern design. Usually, glass is used as door material. Many countries applied this bathroom model. There are advantages by having small bathroom. This bathroom is easy to clean, more fresh, and the last is small spaces of bathroom equipment.

Equipment and Furniture for Simple Bathroom

Because of its small spaces, simple bathroom just use a shower, soap and tooth paste rack, and one sit closet. It is very simple and it doesn’t take much room for the equipment and furniture. People also will enjoy in bathing. The design use in this bathroom design is modern design that uses futuristic design and equipment inside.

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