Simple Chicken Wire Fence Gate

Nov 4th

Chicken wire fence gate – You can walk on short electric fences around your garden, but usually you will need a door for any garden near more than 2 feet in height. Instead of buying an expensive manufactured door for your garden, simply convert a group of inexpensive cattle wire a garden gate. You can easily mount on wood and steel poles. Appearance of a cattle panel at your local farm and ranch store; Use panels of 36 inches of height gained for a short fence or 54 inches tall cattle panels for a nearby workshop.

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Chicken wire fence gate are typically available in 16-foot-long sections, so you’ll need to cut one at the garden gate. Measure the opening of your door. Place the rigid panel of cattle on the floor and mark with a chalk on the bottom bar of horizontal wire to indicate the width of the opening of the garden gate.

Mark the nearest vertical chicken wire fence gate bar that is larger than the garden door opening to indicate the location of the cut. For example, if your garden door opening is 36 inches and the nearest vertical bars on the cattle panel located 34 inches and 40 inches from the end of the panel, mark the vertical bar at the 40 inch location. This gives you enough door width to ensure that the door closes securely.

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