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October 4, 2019 Garage Door

Simple Direct Drive Garage Door Opener

First, we must decide if we want to have a manual garage door, which reduces the space needed for installation; or if we are interested in an automatic or motorized garage door. The direct drive garage door opener has a motor that allows the opening without effort, simply by pressing a button, using a key, or by means of a remote control. The main advantage of automatic doors is that they can be opened and closed without having to descend from the vehicle.

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Once we have decided if we want to install a manual or direct drive garage door opener we must decide the format of the door. The format of the door will be conditioned to the space we have available for its opening. There are a variety of formats; the most common are the swing door, due to its simple operating system.

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In order to have an overview of the existing types, we will include a small description of each of them. Once you have that general vision and have a clearer idea direct drive garage door opener of ​​what can fit for you, you can go to the detailed description of the format that interests you, clicking on the link that appears in each format.

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