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August 1, 2019 Garage Door

Simple Installing Garage Door Seals

Garage door seals are a quick and inexpensive solution to prevent drafts, dust, leaves and small rodents from getting under our garage door. Placement of a rubber strip in lower part of door is also easy and without works. This type of weather-strip has a rubber base, highly flexible and very resistant to impacts. Its metallic support comes with fixing holes made, so that we will directly introduce lag screws.

First thing we will do is make sure that length of weather-strip is same as width of garage door seals. In our case, one piece is not enough to cover entire surface, so we will present a second weather-strip in gap that remains and mark its length. Floor of our garage has a small slope, when it is sloping, so we will have to adapt weather stripping to surface. For that, we turn pieces around, supporting metal support on floor, and draw cut lines on rubber.

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With saw jig and a special sheet metal, cut one as weather-stripping .After, we cut rubber on two pieces, with help of an electric cutter. Now, we only have to put weather strips in their position and fix them with self-drilling lag screws. In this simple way, and with minimum effort, installing garage door seals we will have perfectly sealed bottom of door.

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