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January 19, 2021 Bedroom

Simple Stripped Style of Zebra Bedroom Décor

Zebra bedroom décor will give unique and simple look toward your bedroom. Nowadays, this typical pattern is so popular as a part of room decoration. It can be something for your seat cushion, bedroom rug, bedroom wall paper or it can be something for your bed sheet. The main color of zebra is black and white, it makes this pattern can match for almost any colors. However, there are some ideas you can take to create your bedroom with zebra décor perfect.

Consideration in Creating Zebra Bedroom Décor

Zebra pattern is such simple pattern, however, if you décor it in a wrong way, you will create such disaster into your bedroom. So, there are some things you need to consider in order to make it in the right way. Let we start from furniture, you can selecting such furniture which has zebra pattern on it. It can be a fabric covered by zebra hide which is more expensive or just a mere zebra pattern on fabric. If you choose this typical furniture make sure to do not add any others zebra pattern on your room, just combine it with solid color. Otherwise, when you prefer to choose its details into your pillow, rug, bed sheet or blanket you need to avoid using such furniture which has zebra pattern on it. You can also add zebra accents if you don’t like furniture or details ideas. Hence, you need to gather all of the patterns at once.

Making Your Own Zebra Pattern as Bedroom Décor

Do not like to buy it, you can make it. Moreover, zebra pattern is the easiest animal pattern. You can freehand the pattern with small paintbrush to give smooth line and larger brush for filling the color. You can also use stencil, by adding colorful colors on your stencil to pop up the beauty of this zebra pattern. You can also use chalk. Mix and match the color of your chalks to accentuate rainbow effect.

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