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May 14, 2019 Wood Bed

Simple Twin Size Wood Bed Frame

Twin size wood bed frame – Has your son or daughter always wanted to sleep in a tent and does he / she want a new bed? Not necessary: ​​you can easily make a tent out of a large cloth that you hang over the bed. It is possible with any bed, you are ready in no time and the bed immediately looks much cooler! Moreover, it is naturally also cleaned up again when your child decides that a tent might not be that cool…

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Simple slatted house: This hip child’s bed can be found in many Scandinavian children’s rooms. It is sold ready-made, but there is a hefty price tag on it. While with some simple wooden slats you can get exactly the same done with every cot. Opt for sturdy square wooden posts, because the whole should of course stand a good deal.

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Suspension bed: This bed is the dream of every child and every teenager. Fortunately it is very easy to make, although it has to be done thoroughly. Two or four hooks must be firmly anchored in the ceiling, after which thick ropes are hung. Do you really want to make sure it goes well, then use chains to hang the bed frame?

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