Simple Ways to Make Wooden Fence Gates

May 7th

Wooden fence gates – To make wooden fence gates, starting with measure the opening where you plan to hang a gate. Plan to leave 1-4 inches below the gate. Cut wood to the gate. You need a rectangular frame cut from 2 x 4 lumber to the dimensions you need. Cut a piece of wood to the diagonal rail. Lay out wooden pieces on a work table or as horses. Butt longer, since the pieces below the top horizontal piece. Drilling at least two pilot holes. Use a carpenter’s square to ensure the two upper corners are square. Repeat the process for the bottom of the gate.

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Set the rail piece in position so that the top of the rail closest to the latch side of the door. Screw brace to the side-pieces, fishing screws in the vicinity of the ends of the rail. The cutting sticks or other covering material. Paint or stain all wooden pieces at this time. Allow the paint or stain to dry and apply a second coat. Pickup sticks or clothing on the wooden fence gates frame. So that the “beautiful” side is on the outside of the fence. Expanding the liner above and below the frame as required.

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Pre drill holes in wood sticks or garment, and then link pieces to the frame. Use at least four screws on each piece of wood. Set the gate hinges on the inside of the gate with screws. Attach gateposts hinges with hold the door so that it is not resting on the ground. Place the gate lock where you want it on the door and secure it with screws. On the gate post, attach striker plate in position. The wooden fence gates were ready to use.

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