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October 28, 2019 Garage Door

Sliding Garage Door Threshold

Sliding garage door threshold is not the cheapest garage access option available, but it certainly is the best, most reliable and easy to operate the system. The “surcharge” incurred to purchase this type of door comes from the need to have tracks and runners at the top and bottom of the opening and has strong and sturdy door construction.

This track can extend the distance that allows open garage door threshold to be stored in a position that does not cause a blockage. The only special requirement for the installation of this type of door is the true base and base that can be prepared for the installation of the track. Once this is done, the end result is a mechanism that allows the door to be opened fully or partially without disturbing the space in front or behind the threshold.

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This style garage door threshold offers a smooth opening and closing action, requires minimal physical effort to operate, and can be easily and inexpensively motorized and remotely controlled. The running track that holds and controls the motion of the door makes the door closed very secure and ensures that the sliding door opener slips between the strongest and least penetrating systems. They can also be locked in various ways and offer high resistance to wind and collision damage.

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