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Solid Wood Bed Advantages

Solid wood bed – Both solid wood and solid wood beds can be natural and well made. However, solid wood has a number of advantages that make the furniture more beautiful and durable. A solid wood bed is made only with the most valuable part of the trunk. This means that it will be more solid, robust and durable. Also from the aesthetic point of view, it will have much less imperfections than a solid bed.

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Made even with less valuable components of the trunk. The use of multiple pieces of wood is another element that makes solid wood beds more beautiful to see. Wood is a living material: it is normal that over the years the fibers expand and form cracks. In solid wood, cracks tend to become long and clearly visible, as they affect the entire piece of wood.

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The cracks of solid wood remain small, isolated in the element in which they were born. Unlike a piece of furniture, a solid wood bedframe takes advantage of the whole or almost the tree. So, like solid wood, solid wood is also a natural wood. However, the main feature of solid wood beams or boards is that they are made from a single plant.

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