Simple Wooden Bench Plans

Build Your Own Simple Wooden Bench

July 16, 2019 Wood Bench

Solid Wood Bench Ideas

Solid wood bench – When landscaping your patio, do not overlook some of the landscaping features. A good addition to any garden is the addition of a simple solid bench. Not only do they look good, they provide a place to sit soaking in all the fruits of their labor. And it only requires some basic carpentry skills.

Ideas for make a wooden bench for your garden, dig two holes 32 inches apart and 32 inches deep using an excavator for post holes. Put on goggles, a mask and work gloves. And then cut the treated post 4 by 4 inches in half with the circular saw. You should end up with two equal halves of 48 inches each. Insert the halves into the holes you have dug.

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Adjust the level through both messages to make sure they are at the same level with each other. You may have to add a little stuffing back into one of the holes to make sure that both messages are level with each other. Use one of the poles to tamp the earth into place and re-check the level. Fill the two holes to the top of ready-mix concrete and follow the package instructions for the amount of water to be added. Check the lead level and once again before the concrete is set.

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