Some Harley Davidson Home Decor Ideas

Aug 9th

It is only for a real MAN! Harley Davidson home decor represents real manhood with unique look and feel to make much better home and living in such theme. Different home spaces like bedroom, bathroom, living room and others even outdoor porch can be made unique for a real man. There are decor catalog that you can access online in how to DIY home decorating based on price affordability. Wall decor, furniture and some other like signs can be purchased to make the theme comes to reality.

Decals are probably the cheapest way in making a theme to come true. They are easy to install with peel and stick value so DIY project will be just fascinating. Not only adults, kids can also have the Harley Davidson decorations in their room. Bedding sets and decals are applicable to become a nursery theme with some adventurous value. Curtains and rugs even pieces of furniture can be made to have such decor theme for an optimal value.

Having privacy in bathroom will be more relaxing and interesting as well. Harley Davidson themed mirrors, towels, accessory sets and many others can be applied. Browse some online sites to find out best inspiring ideas related to the Harley Davidson decorations in your home spaces. Online retailers like and are best places where to find the decor.

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Harley Davidson Decorating Ideas for Covering Long Bedroom

Interior diagrams can include many architectural problems, including rooms with walls that feel too long. Long walls make a bedroom look like a corridor. Use decorating tricks favored by designers to visually break up the wall to make your bedroom feels more like a room and less like a hall.

Color Tricks

Use color to minimize the length of the longest walls. Decorate your home with color using a paler shade on the longest wall in the room and a darker shade on the shorter walls. The pale color seems to subside while the darker shades on the shorter walls draw the eye. The room looks wider from this power.

Furniture Placement

Shrink a long wall by placing extra large furniture along it. Set a bed parallel to the long wall and against it in place of the more traditional location of the perpendicular wall. Large high chairs or bookshelves to the wall will break up the space and make it appear shorter. Larger furniture that fills in the empty spaces along one wall can make the wall appear taller.

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Background for wallpaper Harley Davidson

Paint is not the only wallpaper to break up the expanse of a long wall in a bedroom. Select wallpaper Harley Davidson hung in panels. The high, vertical panels break up the visual space on the wall. Instead of that, apply two or three back wall on the wall. These divide the wall into smaller spaces, and that the length of the wall seems shorter.

Window Treatments

If a window is along one of the longer walls, use it to your advantage to make the wall appear shorter. Be extra large valances and long drapes on the window to make the window appear larger and less wall. Bold fabric designs for window treatments draw the eye to the window instead of the length of the wall. Invest in sharply contrasting sunscreen to maximize the effect decoration wallpaper Harley Davidson.

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