Some Types Adjustable Height Table

Nov 28th

You will no longer need to buy a table to cover different situations. We offer you an adjustable height table. In the blink of an eye, you will have your table to the desired measure. It will save space and money. Usually, both tables for eating, such as those used to study, or work have a standard measure that is usually about 75 centimeters. This height allows us to interact with the table without having to bend your back a lot. That is why all standards of heights usually prowl this measure. Depending on the measure we have chosen, you can grade them at different heights. That way you can choose the table that best suits your needs both in height and breadth.

We have two types of adjustable height table, the small, ie the auxiliary, and the large. The auxiliary folding tables adjustable in height, that is to say, the models TA065 and TA076 have a rather simple structure, it is composed of a plastic board of 65×45 and 76×50 centimeters respectively, with a denture in the bottom that allows us to place the legs in different positions. If we place the legs closer to each other we will get a higher height, in case of putting them in the farthest position we will get less height. The folding tables of height adjustable, that is to say, the models TR183H and TR152AH have a wider board, of 183×76 and of 152×76 centimeters.

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This model has hinged legs that allow them to fold under the board. Once they are mount they remain vertically to the board and then we can proceed to regulate them to the height that we want. The model TR152AH offers a greater advantage since it is the type of suitcase. That means that apart from having an adjustable height table wooden has a board that can be fold in half. Once fold the size of the table is reduce by half, which allows us to transport it in a much more comfortable way, especially when it comes to excursions or times when we have to move away from our vehicle.

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In the folding tables, adjustable height table types have the model TR152AH with a minimum height of 60 centimeters and a maximum height of 80 centimeters, while the model TR183H has a minimum height of 60 centimeters with a height of 90 cm. The models of auxiliary folding tables are ideal for families with children since the measure they offer can be place anywhere in the house so that we can keep the children in control while they are entertain by drawing, puzzling or homework.

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