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July 9, 2019 Wood Bed

Some Useful Tips And Advice For Rustic Wood Bed Frame

The ideal rustic wood bed frame is soothing, warm and cozy. Let that be precisely the characteristics of a rustic interior. A perfect choice for decorating your bedroom. Do you want to know how to create that rustic feeling in your bedroom? In this article we list some useful tips and advice for you. The interior is inspire by rural Italy. And is characterized by beautiful natural stones, rustic wooden beams, concrete stucco walls, you name it.

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Below you can see how the bedrooms are decorate. With so much living space, there are of course also several bedrooms furnished. All bedrooms are also very spacious, and also have a wonderful spatial feeling. This is mainly due to the large windows, doors and high sloping ceilings. Some ceilings are entirely of wood, while in some bedrooms the ceiling is decorated with concrete plaster.

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Natural colors and materials form the basis of a rustic bedroom. Keep the bedroom walls light and white.  Some walls are also decorated with the same concrete stucco, combined with the beautiful rustic rural stone walls. The furniture and also accessories also perfectly match the rustic country atmosphere. Rustic wooden benches, office chairs, country lamps, you name it.

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