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December 8, 2019 Home Interior

Space on The Basement Stairs Ideas

A stoop or grand staircase is often stunning and magnificent. In comparison, a basement stairs is not. Simply because basement stairs are not in a prime location does not mean that they should remain boring. Use the space for potential full decoration to basement stairs ideas.

Highlight color area; not just leave it blank. Create a glance tone on tone painting the room a different shade of color used in adjacent rooms. The paint is the same color to blend or contrast completely different color. Put words of inspiration in the wall space.

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Fabric hanging in space is innovative basement stairs ideas. Put a decorative tapestry, ornamental Persian rug or carpet. The last option is available in a wide range of options. For something less expensive, buy a double quilt that offers inexpensive models that you really like.

Finally, basement stairs ideas with turn the staircase wall in a mini art gallery. Paint a mural on the wall or put framed photographs, leaves and posters or coins, insects, butterflies or stamp collections. Mount ancient weapons, pieces of driftwood and stone, silver or bronze sculptures, and decorate an old window.

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