Square Wall Clock: Refined Elegance

Sep 10th

Some furnishing accessories have a distinct personality and great decorative potentials. Which can express fully if placed in the right context? Among these are square wall clock, authentic design masterpieces, which will allow you to transform your home into a temple of style and gusto. Hang a large square clock on the wall above the console of the entrance. And let yourself be charmed by its rhythmic tick which seems to want to stop the time. Modern or antique, digital or analog, in wood or metal. Choosing square wall clocks is virtually infinite and you will not be able to find what’s best for yours.

There is probably no other room in the house where a square wall clock can turn out to be a valuable ally as in the kitchen. When to remove that delicious tart from the oven? When will the tasty minestrone mumble on the fire be ready? With square wall clocks no burnt roasts or risotto attached to the bottom of the pot. Just look up for a moment to find out what time it is. Arrange square wall clock in a kitchen area where they can play a real role and bring all their charm undisturbed. Beautiful Provencal square wall clocks, made of antique wood. And even decorated with prints depicting sunflowers or lavender flowers.

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The most romantic ones, then, cannot escape the charm of shabby chic square wall clocks. With white decapitated wooden frame, sugar paper or pink powder, and a dial embellished with reselling or bunny decorations. Wonderful models with hearts or small vintage keys instead of numbers. In a living area of classical inspiration can introduce the elegant frame from square wall clock dark wood. Such as oak, walnut or cherry wood. This will allow you to create a harmonious whole fascination with beliefs, consoles and coffee tables traditional taste. Think of modern open-air industrial- style open spaces.

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Ideal spaces for chromed or satin-finish square wall clock. In a glamorous stay, instead, they will find their ideal location of impressive square wall clocks in black tempered glass with elegance in sophisticated fashion. Finally, think of one office or small home studio. Every respectable professional needs statement pieces that communicate a sense of prestige and authority. What is better, then, of the beautiful black square frame wall clocks? You can place them. For example, on an office chair with a captioned backrest. This will result in a dramatic impact.

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