Stained Glass Lamps Ideas

Mar 26th

Stained glass lamps throughout history have been classified as a prestigious decorative art, which has been used by extremely rich and famous families throughout the world. Stained glass has been synonymous with luxury and class. Currently a lamp in Stained Glass or a Stained Glass is within the reach of most of us and for this we want to help you with some tips to choose the best one for you. What aspects to take into account when choosing a lamp. The lamp should play with the decoration style of the place, for old and traditional decoration styles it is advisable to buy a lamp with many details and lots of workmanship.

However if the atmosphere is very current, such as loft style advise stained glass lamps with few pieces and very geometric. You must take into account that depending on the type of glass used in the lamp (dark, transparent etc.) this same will let more or less light pass, all depends on the purpose of it. If you want a lamp to give you a good light to a room, you should choose one with the very clear glasses so that the light can pass properly, instead if you want it in the room to give little lighting and you can sit with your family to talk a lamp with dark glasses will serve you perfectly.

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Make sure that at the place where you go to buy your modern stained glass lamps, there are someone with experience and knowledge in decoration, and make sure you ask all the questions that you consider pertinent to make the best choice for you. There are other factors that you should also take into account and in our experience with our customers will help you make the best decision.

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The height of the base of the lamp, the extension of the cable that goes from the socket to the lamp many times we had to perform miracles so that the cable did not look and not disturb), if you have children playing in the house put them in places where they can not break them playing. With these tips in mind we assure you that you can choose the best lamp in the middle for your home, office or any space you want to beautify with these works of art. With the wire make a support with lira to pass the installation and stick on the edge of the lamp with contact cement.

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