Stainless Steel Cart for Kitchen

Jul 27th

Stainless steel cart add extra disk and storage space to narrow-space kitchens. Many kitchen islands, such as the Home Styles kitchen wagon, come with wheels, making it mobile and able to walk from the kitchen to the dining room and back again. The island comes in a multi-package package, but can be put together for no time at all and ready for the next Sunday brunch.


Check the spare parts list. Make sure all parts of the Home Styles stainless steel cart are included. Also check the list of hardware to see all metal parts and tools included. Secure the wheels. Locate the bottom of the trolley and fasten the wheels to the underside. If there are wheels with brake, attach them to the back part of the bottom (a sticker will indicate which side is which one). Attach the sides. Locate the side posts and attach them to the bottom, tighten your head bolts only halfway. Attach the backrest posts to the back of the trolley bottom. Connect the center frame to the backrest posts.

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Slide the panels back into place, and then fasten the straps to the top of the back panels. Insert the cap bolts through the side frame, then halfway. Attach the front strap to the front of the stainless steel cart design, connecting to each side. Tighten the head cap bolt halfway. Attach the drawer compartment to the back of the back and the front brace, and then tighten the head cap bolt all the way. Attach side frame to the left side of the trolley. Tighten all main bolts fully. Attach the handle with the head cap screws from the inside, and then slide the round arm piece into position.

Place the gate leg on the back of the stainless steel cart set and fastens with a wooden screw. Attach the knife box to the side frame and attach with the head cap bolts. Place cam locking screws through the best holes in both sides, ensuring that the arrow is on top. Tighten all cam locks to secure the top of the trolley. Attach cabinet doors to the front bend and wagon the bottom using the spring pin hinges. Fit the box and the door handles with machine screws. Raise the four sides of the drawers, and make sure to note the direction in which the arrow points. Use a Phillips screwdriver to insert the screws in the pre-drilled holes on the sides. Tighten the screws only halfway.

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Turn the drawers over and slide the bottom piece into the grooves on the sides. The bottom should be pressed sufficiently to keep it in level with the front of the box. Insert half-inch screws in the pre-drilled holes on the underside. Tighten all screws. Fit the drawer pull handle with machine screws through the front piece. Place the adjustable shelf pins in the side panel, then place the shelf on the shelf pin. Slide the drawers in place. Cover all screw and bolt heads with wooden plugs, if desired.

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