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July 11, 2019 Wood Bed

Steps for the Replacement Wood Bed Rails

Replacement Wood Bed Rails – Bed splints lay on the entire structure of the bed. Furthermore, holding the box spring in its position and preventing it from sinking. The slats can give or break over time and need to be replaced. Moreover, replacing bed bars that are broken or sagging will help extend the life of the box spring by providing support. Bed splints can be purchased in the same store where the bed frame was purchased. Or the new slats on the bed can be cut out of wood.

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Remove the sheets from the bed. Then, remove the mattress and box spring from the bed structure. Remove the slats from the bed. Some bed bars are attached to the bed structure with screws. Use a screwdriver to remove the slats. Measure the distance between the rails of the left and right bed. And then, mark and cut the new slats of the bed to fit between the railings of the bed. Cut enough ribbons to space them 3 inches apart.

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Install the new bed bars on the rails. For beds with screws or bolts that secure the slats to the fin rails, pre-drilled holes for the bolts or bolts. Screw holes the previously holes slightly smaller than the screws. Screw holes previously holes of the same size or slightly larger than the bolt. Place the mattress and the mattress in position. Lay the sheets on the bed. Inspect the fin rails to make sure they are still firmly in place.

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