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September 19, 2019 Headboard Ideas

Stylish Upholstered Headboard and Footboard Set

Apart from clear function of upholstered headboard and footboard set to give a touch of style and decorate bedroom, headboards also have a function of a more practical nature: protect bed and bedding. If we put a headboard between bed and wall in bedroom, we will avoid that bedding, that is to say, sheets, blankets, or quilts, stick to wall or sneak through hole in bed and get dirty. We will also avoid that our pillows fall out or get stuck in middle of dream. In same way, headboards can also help protect wall.

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An upholstered headboard and footboard set offers a versatile and dynamic solution to decorate bedroom and bed. As much as trends change, upholstery in furniture never goes out of fashion, always disappears and reappears in market. Reason is that upholstery can be made with numerous textiles, fabrics and colors, each providing a totally different feeling and style.

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Upholstered headboard and footboard set Capitone style: a specific type of upholstery used in headboards is tufted style. This English style, more common in other furniture such as armchairs and sofas, consists of a padded upholstery with several buttons placed in an orderly manner that give a soft look to piece. It is quite resistant and suffered upholstery and can be made with a multitude of materials, such as leather.

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