The 8 x 12 Chimney Cap Ideas

Feb 9th

8 x 12 chimney cap – Installing an 8 x 12 chimney cap is a simple way to improve the appearance of your home and add protection to your chimney. The shapes, sizes and materials of chimney caps range widely. Finding the best choice for your home depends on your sense of style and needs. Chimney caps are primarily used to keep rain water out of your chimney, but some have additional purposes.

Most chimneys have valves already installed, but they cannot work properly. Dampers used to keep out the rain and prevent cold drafts when the chimney is not in use. Older dimmers cannot seal completely. When water seeps into a chimney, it can run between the cracks in the brickwork and cause damage to walls or foundation of your home. 8 x 12 chimney cap with built-in highly efficient shock absorbers are a great way to update both parts of your chimney at once. These highly efficient dampers use heat resistant rubber or silicone gaskets for the tightest fit.

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If your home uses a metal chimney, it probably came with a specially designed lid that fits the chimney pipe. While other chimney caps can work if they have the right size and shape, the best choice is still the original ceiling designed just for your chimney system. Contact the manufacturer of your metal chimney and ask if you can buy a replacement before purchasing a generic model. Using specially designed 8 x 12 chimney cap for your metal chimney may extend its life and prevent unwanted leakage.

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