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The Benefits of Homemade Wood Bed Frame

Homemade wood bed frame allows you to customize this piece of furniture to match your exact desires and give a new challenge to those who enjoy carpentry or metal work. Constructing a bed frame itself can also save a significant amount of money. Whether you are just considering this project or are already planning, there are a number of ideas to keep in mind. A homemade bed frame is usually old fashioned of metal or wood.

The benefits of wood are that it can be easily cut into the shape and size you need. For an eco-friendly bed, use sustainable forests such as bamboo or pine, which grow back faster than average. Metal frames tend to be more durable than wood, but can be harder to work with in a home shop. You can use metal, for example pipes attached with pipe joints for an industrial look.

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If you are an experienced dressmaker, almost any kind of metal can be shaped into a frame. Whether you construct your home-made metal or wood bed frames, either can be painted to match your bedroom. Woods can be sanded and finished with natural stains from clear, for a natural look, that dark brown for a sophisticated feel. Any kind of paint color would work on metal or wood beds. But be sure to use a glossy paint type for better durability and appearance.

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