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The Best Type of Wood to Make Unfinished Wood Bench

Unfinished Wood Bench – We women are proud of being Indonesian citizens because this country is bless by God with very rich natural resources. In every corner of the archipelago, we can easily witness the diversity of the country’s natural resources, from land to sea, mining to forestry. One of the forest products that is widely used by most of our people is wood. Wood can be process into various needs such as paper, furniture or furniture, fuel, and so on.

In a way, Indonesia is a high-quality wood paradise. Then, what kind of quality wood is suitable for making chairs or other furniture? Teak, who among you does not know this type of wood? Yes, teak is the type of wood that sits in the first rank of wood of the highest quality. In addition to the hard and durable wood character, teak also has a beautiful fiber pattern and texture, so it looks elegant and luxurious in any furniture or furniture made from this easy-to-make wood.

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The advantages of teak wood in making unfinished wood bench are others that contain oil in teak wood which is resistant to fungi, termites, and other insect species. Even though it is expensive, teak wood is still the prima donna in the eyes of furniture hunters, both from within and outside the country. Mahogany wood, the second best type of wood that can be used for furniture is mahogany. Compared to teak wood, mahogany has a more affordable price. Mahogany is more bought by furniture compilers. Want to make good quality furniture at a slightly cheaper price.

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