The Right Height to Hang Pool Table Light

Aug 2nd

While hanging and placement of all lights is important, the pool table light is in a class all their own. A proper billiard light must be able to show just the right amount of light at just the right angle for serious players. You should estimate angles and positions in the pool balls. If the light is wrong, then the shadows that help players make decisions will turned off. And it will not be possible to play a proper round of billiards. So it always pays to give some extra attention to the pool table lights. Rules of thumb: The problem with hanging a pool table light is that each individual case will be a little different and depends on many different factors.

The average height is 32 inches above the bed of the table and you can certainly use this as a guideline. But be aware that your pool table can be a little different. If you install the pool table light before the pool table it has been set up, a common problem – try to hang the light between 62 and 70 inches above the floor. But prepared to adjust it when the table itself is there. Some also use the old rule that the bottom edge of the lamp should in line with the players’ noses. Since people are different heights, this can be difficult to do.

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But at least you can bet on a medium “nose height” if everything else fails. Remember that a pool table light is meant for pool tables, and not the entire room. Try to make sure that the area of ​​light thrown ends at the edges of the table itself. And does not ignite the floor or shine in the players’ faces. The light should always  centered along the pool table, no matter what. Other alternatives: There are different sizes of pool tables. And the size pool table light will match accordingly. If you have a seven-foot pool table, try to get a light that is somewhere between 40 and 57 inches long. For an eight-foot table use a light that is between 48 and 60 inches. And for a nine-foot table use a 57- to 83-inch light.

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There are many shops and websites that sell pool table light specifically designed for different types of pool tables. You should always remember that the main purpose of the light is to provide practical lighting for the table. How well the table is lit should always your biggest concern. And this can influenced by other factors such as extra light in the room. Also windows and what type of table or light you have (some tables reflect much more light than others. Or even have recessed light in them for extra lighting). So keep an eye on the table and be sure to ask your friends if the lighting works for them.

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