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November 20, 2019 Garage Door

Think About Insulated Garage Doors

The garage must also meet the requirements that apply to living space. There are requirements for the insulation capability of the floor, roof and outer walls. This means, among other things, that the garage must be insulated garage doors and sealed to meet the current energy requirements. Start by looking at how the garage is built. To make the garage ready for living, roof, exterior walls and floors must be changed, insulated and covered with new material.

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How much to do depends on how the construction is built and how much or little it takes to change the insulated garage doors structure to meet the building’s requirements for living space, including stability, fire conditions and insulation. Floors in garages are usually without insulation, so it will be necessary to dig out to lay an insulating layer. Before doing so, examine how far the foundation goes down, as you cannot easily dig underground.

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An engineer will assess the conditions and the stability of the building, so you do not risk the garage collapse. A garage is also not usually insulated garage doors in the roof structure, and as insulation materials fill, it may mean that some of the room height (about 35 – 40 cm) is taken when you isolate. Therefore, you should check if the height of the room will be high enough (min. 230 cm) also after insulation.

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