Tips Install Oval Shower Curtain Rod

Nov 29th

Custom shower tanks and shower pans need an oval shower curtain rod that is curved around the edge rather than the usual straight curtain rod. This type of bar needs additional support to maintain the tension of the curve, but the installation process is almost the same as a straight bar. The extra oval space area will make your shower space area anywhere from 8 to 12 inches wide. Installing an oval shower curtain rod is completed in the same way you would hang a straight curtain rod. The only difference is the location of the bar. You only need a few basic tools to install an oval bar.

Mark the height where you want the oval shower curtain rod steel on both sides of the wall. The rod should be high enough to prevent the curtain from dragging the floor. Mark the depth of the shower curtain rod. It should be a minimum of 5 inches from the outer edge of the tub. An oval curtain should be place beyond the wall so that the shower curtain does not hang too far from the edge of the tub. Measure 60 inches from the top of the tub or 72 inches from the top of the shower pan and mark on the wall. Take another measurement from that high mark and move it in 3 inches and mark this as the installation point for the mounting bracket.

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Take the assembly apart so that they can hold only the wall plate against the wall and mark the holes for the position of the screws using a pencil to mark the wall. Use the level ideas oval shower curtain rod to make sure the screws are upright. Place the wall plate aside. Drill holes for using the wall you are working with, a plug anchor for tile walls or anchor for a drywall decorator. Tap or anchors into place the screw with a hammer. Hold the wall of the plate over the anchors and screw it into place, guiding the screws in the anchors until they feel tight. Measure the distance from the center of each wall plate to each other.

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Loosen the set the rotary connectors with an Allen wrench the screw and attach to the rod. Place the oval shower curtain rod type on the floor. Take the measurement from the center of the straight rotary connectors through one to the other for linear measurement. Compare this with the wall measurement and subtract the difference to know how much you have to shorten the pole. Remove the rotating connector from one end of the oval bar and cut the excess with a metal saw. Smooth rough edges with a flat file.

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