Tips To Decorate White Wall Paneling

Sep 14th

White wall paneling sometimes consist of wood, vinyl or a comparable material and they cover plaster or plaster. They could range from the top to the bottom of a wall, or start in the middle of a wall and stretch up or down. However, some wall panels have dark shades, which make a room feel sad and depressing. Decorating over wall panels can change the overall tone and brightness of a room.


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Combine 1/4 cup all-purpose detergent with one liter of water in a bucket. Dip a sponge into the mixture and wash down the entire white wall paneling. Let them dry. Dip 3-inch brush in some latex primer and apply a layer to the wall panels. Pour some hot water into a saucepan as you wait for the primer to dry. Tear your instant wallpaper into random pieces. Instant wallpaper is decorative paper that is pre-pasted so that you can apply it to the walls in random shapes and patterns as the pieces patch seamlessly.

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Dip the bottom of each piece into warm water and level it on the white wall paneling. Continue this way to add more and more overlapping pieces until you completely cover the panels. Hang framed prints, pictures and decorative mirrors as usual along the now decorated wall panels.

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