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To Cut a King Size Wood Headboard

King size wood headboard – Instruction for wide cut of the header is, starting with measure the width of the headboard. Mark the exact center of the header. Measure on both sides of the first mark indicating where to cut. Mark the cut lines by drawing a line from the top edge to the bottom edge of the head, using a criterion to keep the line straight.

Cut along the cut lines drawn using a jigsaw. If you prefer, you can use a saw; however, it will be more difficult to keep the line straight. Discard the center cut section. Then, sand the edges of the head cut with medium grain sandpaper to remove rough edges. After that, now is time to do height of cutting head. Starting with inspect the king size wood headboard. Depending on the style header, it could be easier to cut at the foot of the header.

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Or, if you want to cut the top of the king size wood headboard to create a flat edge; determine if the header lends itself to even cuts. Measure the header from the floor to the top of the floor. Mark the posts where you want to cut. If you will be cutting across the entire width of the header and not just the posts, mark through the header as well. Cut marked locations using a jigsaw. Sand the area with medium grain sandpaper to eliminate possible chips.

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