To Replace a Metal Garage Door Weather Seal

Oct 1st

Garage door weather seal – To replace garage door weather seal, follow these steps. Step 1, purchase materials. Look at the old seal list and find out the type and size you need for your garage door. You will find the exact type of material on the sail back when you have removed it. If you cannot see any screws, pull the seal out of the groove and it will come out easily. If you notice screws, you have to remove them as explained in step 2.

Visit the local hardware dealer and buy the right type of garage door weather seal. For rigid sealing strips, you must also purchase a number of screws. Step 2, replaced weather seal. Compression sealing strips; pull the old seal if you have not already removed it when they are looking for the type of replacement you need. Put the new piece in place and use aviation scissors to cut some of it, if too long. After this, it slides back into the holder to seal the air into the housing.

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Stiff sealing strips; use the power screwdriver to remove the screws; push the weather seal out of the groove. Look for 2 inward facing grooves at the bottom of the garage door that creates a lip. The garage door weather seal at the door base is found in this lip, mounted in place by means of screws. Remove them using the power screwdriver. You have to bend the new sealing list in half as you push it. Otherwise it may not fit into the grooves. After you fit it in place, line up using the holes in the sides of the door bottom and aim to put the screws.

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