Tongue And Groove Porch Flooring

Dec 5th

Tongue and groove porch flooring – “Tongue and groove” refers to the manner in which certain types of timber are milled. The resulting product is a board with mating edges, which ensures a tight fit and a very narrow gap between each plank which is put in place. If done correctly, creating a ready tongue and groove porch deck a very solid wooden surface.

When you put a tongue-and-groove flooring, always remember that the groove (the slit edge) of the first card to be removed with a chainsaw. Which is the tongue (the rounded edge) of the last bit? In both cases the result is a tongue-and-groove board with a straight edge. In general, the tongue and groove porch flooring boards are always set in place so that the groove of the board installed sliding around the tongue of the board just was put in place.

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Tongue and groove porch flooring are nailed through the tongue of the joists with a special floor galvanized nails intended for outdoor use. Keep in Line with the tongue-and-groove boards as straight as you possibly can, especially in the long term. Using a chalk line and / or a long piece of string is a big help in keeping your lines straight. Before you start, always check the sharpness members to ensure porch deck has a slight slope towards the outer edge of the floor. A completely flat tire will cause the water to form puddles in the summer and ice build-up in the winter.

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