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Totally Exclusive Reclaimed Wood Bed Frame

If we are handymen, we can also choose to make a reclaimed wood bed frame and headboard ourselves with planks. It is a way to save and have a headboard that is totally exclusive. You must measure the width of the bed and look for planks that protrude something. You have to prepare the wood with special products so that it lasts longer and does not affect the humidity and join the planks joining from behind with pieces of wood.

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These wood bed frames and headboards can have a classic and simple touch. But we can also choose the most original ones. A headboard decorate with an Indian mandala is for example a great idea. Also suggests a very boho chic space. Another idea that we liked and we think is very original is to put the name of each one or something that indicates what is the area of each person in bed.

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A great idea for the headboards of the double beds. In addition, there are many styles that can be easily adapted to a solid wood bed frames, such as vintage, rustic, classic or even industrial and Scandinavian styles, with white wood or light colors. So, without a doubt, versatility is the great asset of wooden bed headboards.

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