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November 11, 2019 Deck Design

Treatment Painting Outdoor Handrails

Outdoor Handrails – Painting an exterior railing is usually a quick and easy weekend project. If the handrail is exposed to moisture, you must take the necessary precautions during the preparation of the surface. Your goal is to repair the water damage if any adequately prepare the surface for painting and a durable finish. Done correctly, the handrail laden with moisture will give many more years of service. After they have removed the rust and putrefaction, prepare the surface to receive a new coat of paint.

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Scrape the loose paint from the surfaces with a wire brush or scraper. Paint old sand on wood or metal with a 100 grit. Rub the outdoor handrails with a multi-purpose cleaner, rinse with clean water and let it dry. Main woods and metals discovered with an oil-based primer. If you work with metals, first metal in aerosol cans is very convenient. If it’s painted on wood and you’re not sure if the existing paint is oil or latex, oil-primer the entire surface.

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Use an oil base top coat for metal outdoor handrails. Again, an aerosol paint formulated for exterior metal surfaces can be used. Wooden railings can be painted with the best acrylic exterior latex paint you can afford. Acrylic is the strongest paint, so choose paint with a high amount of acrylic. Check the handrail annually for water damage. Scrape the mold as you find it, then prime point and paint.

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