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May 13, 2019 Wood Bed

Twin Bed Wood Slats, What For?

Twin bed wood slats – Beds with springs have since fallen into oblivion, and modern models with an orthopedic base have replaced them. Their design as two drops of water is similar and consists of a wooden box, a metal frame and one or two rows of slats – curved panels. The latter is responsible for the orthopedic properties of the bed and emphasizes the mattress and the person rests on it.

What is the twin bed frame and what are their benefits during the spring? A mattress cannot sit on a bed frame without the support of the slats to keep its weight up. The most profitable ribbons for your twin bed are pine. However, this wood does not have a lot to give, and it can crack under waves of extreme pressure. A more durable and flexible wood used for birch wood slats is.

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If it is necessary to replace battens of the bed, you can measure the distance from one side to another and acquire new ones or do it by yourself. Bed slats twin are used as a base for your mattress for a variety of reasons. Mostly, the slats replace a box spring, providing support and flexibility for the mattress, and are more durable than a box spring. It is not necessary to have a spring mattress when a good system of slats, support is in place.

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