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October 7, 2019 Deck Design

Types of Stainless Steel Railing Systems

Stainless steel railing systems has various types. The most common are: Chicago round, Chicago square, and Miami round. Chicago round, the fence system is made of round poles and square glass clamps and supports two main glass sizes: 3/8 “and ½”. When installing the system, you must ensure the distance between the piles is a maximum of 5ft for ½ glass thickness and maximum glass thickness of 4ft to 3/8 inches.

Then railing systems Chicago square, the system is made of square poles and square clamps. Just like the Chicago round system, the system also supports two glass thickness sizes: 3/8 “and ½”. Also the recommended distance between the pylons is 5ft for ½ “glass thickness and maximum glass thickness of 4ft to 3/8”. Miami Round, the system is made of round pole, Enders cable, and cable tensioner. The system looks very elegant and they give the look of a house that is very elegant and modern.

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You can find posts from any height you want. For example, you can find 36 “, 40” or even 45 “posts. If you want a post that has different heights, you just need to visit the manufacturer and make it a customized post for you if you need the top rails, can buy handrail brackets that are usually tailored for stairs. In addition railing systems there are many others such as the round of San Francisco, San Francisco Square, Virginia Round, Miami Square, and Virginia Square.

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