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May 13, 2019 Wood Shelves

Types of Thick Wood Shelves

Thick Wood Shelves – A beautifully crafted shelf enhances the design of any interior or interior decoration. A properly prepared. And constructed shelf serves as an essential element to keep the books displayed, accessible and stored safely. When considering the type of wood to be used in the construction of a shelf, take a look at the specific characteristics of the different woods. The best wood for a shelf requires durability, strength, beauty, stability, and manageability.

Widely available and relatively cheap, white pine cuttings, machines, sands and finishes easily. Furthermore, a strong, smooth wood with a uniform and consistent grain with texture, which makes it quite easy to work with, white pine is a popular choice for any type of furniture construction. The lightweight and strength also make it a good candidate for the construction of shelves. White pine does not usually deform, swell, shrink or separate.

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Red oak is one of the largest and most widely use species of wood trees that grow in the forests of the eastern United States. And consider it a good option for the construction of shelves only if properly treat and prepare. Builders must work closely with red oak suppliers to procure the right timber for their specific use. The color of this wood looks similar to white oak, mostly directly from grain and has a coarse texture. American red oak dries very slowly and tends to deform or split.

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