Unique Old Dresser Drawer Ideas

Mar 9th

Restore an old dresser drawer ideas are a great way to give the appearance of new for the next decade you plan to use. It’s really not difficult to restore a comfortable, but it does require some physical work and time, about a weekend or a few hours a week. Usually it is a little paint and sometimes varnish, but it may be one or the other. In any case, the old finish can be wax, paint, lacquer or something like that.

Old dresser drawer ideas with Start sanding. Along with the method used to remove the old surface of your comfortable, start sanding the surface. Even if you’ve used a paint stripper a heat gun or other product to remove the old surface, sanding is essential to remove any residue or stain, and to smooth the surface for finishing.

To old dresser drawer ideas while an electric sanding is useful for large areas of the dresser, you need to use a sanding block with sandpaper to work in difficult to reach areas such as corners, battered areas and other sensitive surfaces such as decorative elements.

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What you have like these ideas to recycle old drawers and transform them into beautiful and practical shelves? There is more, much more. Once we have the drawers prepared and to our liking to place them on the wall, we install some sockets and then hang them from the escarpias that we also have to put on the wall.

Another option that can resort to using an old drawer and a shelf is to decorate the bottom of the drawer, to make it much more interesting. We can cover it with wallpaper, newsprint, paint; place a map, paint with blackboard paint and write on it and many other options.

We continue with more ideas for using old drawers and shelves. Considering that the drawers become a three-dimensional platform, it makes sense to make a horizontal division to create small shelves inside the drawer. In some drawers we already have them so they come from the factory, in which we cannot put a small sheet of wood to measure to make separations and get a shelf with small compartments

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Another good idea to use old drawers and shelves is to create a full shelf. So far we have seen loose shelves, but if we put several of these shelves on the wall, we can create a practical shelf as big as we want. Another way to hang the boxes is horizontally with the handle, handle or handle forward seen leaving the front that you previously decorated to our taste and a very practical space for storage.  Another option that we can use if we recycle old drawers is to make a bookshelf standing. It is as simple as screwing the drawers tightly together and then when we have the structure firmly, screw it to the wall and enjoy a new stand.

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