The Upper Wheels for Fence Gate

Jun 9th

Wheels for Fence Gate – A fence gate is moved by a rail over it using wheels mounted on the gate. These wheels may become damaged or loosened over time, causing the gate to move loosely on the rail or to come out of the rail. You must remove the rail gate, to inspect and possibly replace the wheels. Buying quality gates with warranty on the wheels and rail can help minimize this problem in the future.


Cut through the paint at the joints between the stops and the jamb of the gate. Place a lever between them at several points by pushing the bar towards the outside of the frame to remove the stops. Turn the bottom of the wheels for fence gate out of its opening, and then lift it to remove the wheels from the rail.

Check the wheels for signs of damage. Turn the bolts that hold the wheels to the top of the gate clockwise, tightening them. Remove the wheels if they are damaged by turning their retaining screws counterclockwise. Fix the spare wheels in the same position to the wheels for fence gate stop, using the screws that come with them.

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