Use Nail in Cedar Wood Fence

Nov 6th

Cedar wood fence – Fences are made of various materials, but cedar is often used because of its resistance to rot and insects. When you build your own cedar fence, you can attach the boards to the mainframe using either nails or staples. When properly designed, a cedar fence last for many years.


Attach 1/2-inch galvanized finishing nails in one nail gun according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Put on safety goggles to protect your eyes. Put a 1-of-6 cedar wood fence panel up to the mainframe of the fence and line it up with the bottom rail, or other fence boards, if they are already installed. Place the front portion of the nail gun near the top of cedar fence board so it is above the upper horizontal rail. Tilt the gun slightly upward so that the nail will go in at an angle. Pull the trigger on the gun to put the nail in the fence board.

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Tilt the gun slightly downward to drive the nail at an angle. Pull the trigger on the nail gun to put the nail. Repeat the process to install the remaining cedar boards in the same way, spacing each card 1/4 inch apart. Place a 1-by-6 cedar board fence frame and line up. Place the staple gun on top of the cedar board so it is above the upper horizontal fence rail. Angle tacker slightly upwards and press the shutter button to insert the staples of the Board. Insert another staple in the bottom of the board where it overlaps the lower horizontal fence rail. Angle staple gun down slightly before pulling the trigger. Repeat the process for inserting a staple at the top and bottom of each cedar wood fence board.

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