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May 20, 2019 Wood Bed

Using Cherry Wood Bed Furniture

Cherry wood bed – Design and quality for a home that smells of style. Contemporary, but that does not lose that bit of classicism: we are talking about the cherry bed. Yes, that is a furnishing element dedicated to relaxation, all to be experienced and dreamed of. The wood Cherry, whose scientific name is Prunus avium, is a plant that reaches a height of twenty-five meters.

It is native to Europe – France, Italy and Germany – and some cold mountain areas of Asia Minor. The wood that comes from these shrubs is tough and heavy, but at the same time easy to work. Thanks to its malleability, bedroom sets are made of cherry wood furniture of multiple styles, from the most rustic to the most classic, which give a touch of chic to the rooms that welcome them.

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This wooden furniture, like the cherry wood bedroom ideas, is warm furnishings, able to create a charming atmosphere inside the house. The color that distinguishes the cherry wood bed is the brown softened by reddish shades. The color of its fruit, which recalls summer memories in which the sweetness of a cherry is accompanied by an aromatic cocktail in the company of close friends.

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