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January 20, 2021 Decorating

Vintage Decorating Ideas for Inviting and Warm Kitchens

Vintage decorating ideas are always effective for creating inviting and warm look for your kitchens. There are various ideas which are available to be done. From simple decors like pallet shelf with herb and spices jars which are so quaint and traditional. The pallet shelf is simply made from old barn wood which is finished with old stained brown color. You can simply arrange the barn wood to form an old fashioned pallet shelf with uneven or random design and then you can display and grow some herbs or spices on the pallet shelf. This will boost your kitchen and help to clean the airflow in your kitchen.

Vintage Decorating Ideas with DIY Style

When you can make decors with your own hands, then you can try these ideas. First one, you can make simple cabinet for storing supplies like foods and drinks which you make from unused dressers. You can simply paint the dresser with white color and let the quaint and damaged or raged look remains in the cabinet. You also can let the countertop remains with its natural wood color which is raged and old, then display some unique vintage table decors like vases or plates. Other idea, you can make side table or floor decor with unused pots supports which you can replace the tops with old black discs which give vintage look.

Vintage Kitchen Decorating Ideas for Kitchen Lighting

Your kitchen lighting needs some treatments also, so for that you can utilize old grain sieve which you transform into a vintage wooden chandelier for your kitchen. You can utilize the grain sieve for making unique chandelier by installing single dim fixture on the middle of the sieve and after that you can install golden chain for hanging your DIY chandelier in your kitchen, it can be above the island, or in the middle of the kitchen or right above the dining table.

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