Wainscot Wall Panel Ideas

Jul 11th

Wainscot wall panel is available in many different types of materials, ranging from plywood and wall panels to plastic foil, installed as panels in bathrooms and other wet areas. While the most common method of attaching the bathroom panel is with glue dotted over the installation surface, you can also spread the adhesive on the wall with a wainscot to create even adhesive for the entire panel. This full coverage not only provides support for panels, but is also quick to install and requires little in the way of carpentry skill.


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Pre-cut all of your wainscot wall panel pieces before gluing them to the wall so you can install them quickly and easily. Dry laid a piece of panel on the wall, and cut it to fit if needed. Draw the contours of the play on the wall with a pencil. Repeat the process for each subsequent paragraph, and stack them close to your installation area for easy access. Make necessary cuts around luminaires with cemented carbide hole saw bit bracket for your drill. For electrical box cutouts, drill through panels in the corners of the box when marking it with a tape measure and pen. Insert a jigsaw in one of the holes, and cut from hole to hole to remove the box cutout.

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Wide a layer of glue on the wainscot wall panel in the area you pulled for your first piece of panels. Use dental patch, and make sure the glue is smoothed completely over the installation surface. Work from bottom to top. Touch the panel in place, and use the roller to press the sheet in the glue across the length and width of the panel.

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