Wall Mounted Pellet Stove Install

Oct 16th

Wall mounted pellet stove – Although the installation of a pellet stove has no major complications. There are some points that we must keep in mind. All stoves have an exhaust system for the gases produced in the combustion. Normally this outlet, a pipe of 80 mm in diameter, is in the back of the stove. Although it can vary depending on the model. When choosing the location of the stove we will have to look for a place from which all the rooms can be heated well considering the exhaust gas. We will need a power outlet and that we have access to load the pellets. They connect to any point of light of 220V. The room is heated by the expulsion of hot air, which exits the stove by its front fans.

Thus achieving a rapid heating of the environment. This is why it is advisable to install in open spaces ensuring that there are no objects within a short distance that hinder the exit of the air. If it is a channeled air heater (distribute the air to nearby rooms through ducts). It will be necessary to consider where these pipes will pass. To remove the gases to the outside, we will need to make a hole in the wall with exit to the facade making this route as small as possible. It is also recommended to have a vertical section to facilitate the exit of gases. In addition, the technical requirements regarding the exit and channeling of smoke depending on the type of dwelling must be respected.

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Corner wall mounted pellet stove do not usually suffer wear and tear. So the only maintenance to be considered is cleaning. Normally an annual cleaning will be more than sufficient. Although periodically it will have to remove the ashes that are generated by the combustion. It is necessary, therefore, to determine if the dimension of the place where it is to be installed allows combustion without danger to the occupants of the same. On the other hand, it is necessary to respect the safety distances proposed by the manufacturer in relation to the walls. And flammable surfaces that may be near the stove on pellet.

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In the same sense, it is necessary to keep enough of the appliance away from objects. Or furniture that can be damaged by being very close to a source of heat. It is necessary to insulate the flue pipe. If it will be in contact with flammable materials wall mounted pellet stove when it crosses the roof or the roof. Installation is prohibited in premises where another heating appliance or extractor hoods are already installed.

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