Warm Medieval Home Decor Ideas

Jan 30th

Medieval home decor has warm look and feel to add for unique romantic rooms. Several characteristics are applicable to make theme decor comes real in your home. Medial decorating ideas are quite simple and it is going to be fascinating for some interesting designs and functions finely poured in your rooms.

Gothic is one of the most popular medieval themed decorating ideas for your home improvement. You can definitely make yours rooms warm and inviting whether alone or gather with someone else.

Combinations of dark and light colors are quite features by the theme. For instance, medieval bedding is in taupe while the curtains are in black, floors in natural wood, brick tiled walls and some others that feature naturalism are for sure really warm in appearance. Dragon decor in form of coffee table is popular these days with unique look and feel to add into your rooms. Glass top is a wonderful addition of contemporary home decorating ideas that shiny and slender.

Birdcage candle lights are interesting for more than just about illuminations but also enhancement to overall room decorating ideas. Candle light chandeliers can be replaced with some candle light bulbs version that really awesome for better look and look with warm atmosphere. There are some colors that represent medieval decorating ideas but what does really matter is all about perfect and proportional pouring. Just make sure that the patterns are in well arrangement.

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Doing DIY Gothic Decor

Gothic decoration requires a specialized look. Gothic images date back to medieval times when tall and ornate objects – such as gates and towers – stretched in extreme vertical directions as a symbolic gesture to touch the sky. Gothic décor is also known for dark colors and metallic textures. Go “Goth” with a bedroom design, basement or theater production.

Instructions: Building Gothic furniture. Craft chairs with backs shaped in the form of narrow metal arches. Stain oak wood chests or furniture with dark – or black – colors. Add iron hinges and handles to your chest lids and cabinet doors. Cut and stain plywood Gothic arches of cabinets and bookcases facades. Designing medieval X-shaped chairs with puffy cushions and ornate trim. Buying gothic decor books – like “Paint It Black – A Guide to Gothic Home” by Voltaire – to give you more ideas.

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Then, add Gothic accessories. Decorate mantels and shelves with displays of medieval swords, knives, chains and metal gloves. Hang lavish iron chandeliers from the ceiling or placing freestanding candle stands in the corners. Hang plush tapestries from the walls to add depth, texture and color to the room. Hide modern furniture. Placing stereo inside cabinets with doors closing and / or building speaker stand out of the dark, thick wood with openings in the frames of the project sound and hide the speaker itself.

Keep the room free of computers, televisions and DVD players. Viewing old books with tattered coverings – but keep fresh purchases away from the room – to maintain a realistic gothic mood. And place lawn functions. Make your backyard a faux cemetery – fit with dark grave. Position Medieval inspired garden decorations – dragon sculptures, for example – on porches or in flower beds to spice up the gothic feeling on the outside of the house.

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