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November 6, 2019 Interior

White Upholstered Bench to Decorate the Space

In a style house are the little details to make the difference. Antique or modern, in damask or rough wood, a refined and discreet white upholstered bench is always an elegant and charming choice. For those who are fortunate to have an outside space a terrace or a garden the bench is an original and functional idea to decorate a small relaxing corner. Where you can have a tea with friends or chat with your partner. Choose one from country chic flavor, wrought iron or white pickled wood. And use it as a base for floral flower pots and small lanterns with scented candles to lighten your moonlight summer appetizers lightly.

A useful advice is to pass your white upholstered bench with a water-repellent transparent paint. It will last longer in time and will be even more lucid at sight. Do you have an old bench that you want to renew and make it appealing again?  In the case of a wooden white upholstered bench, the first thing to do is to use some of the necessary DIY items. Sandpaper: it is possible to use different models available although it is better to use those whose surface does not appear to be too aggressive for the pancetta. Paint:  Better choose the non-harmful and liquid ones. So you can stretch it on with greater ease.

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In case you want a more pronounced nuance then you can do a second time. Fixing spray:  essential because it protects the furnishing compartment from any damage that may damage it. In addition, the color always looks brilliant and just past. At this point, you only have to use sandpaper to remove the superficial layer. After stretching out the color of your favorite color you will have to do nothing. But let it dry for good. You can also protect the furnishing complement with the fixed spray. A small white upholstered bench is a decorative decor complement to match carefully to the surrounding style.

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Sunday morning shines the sun and you want to have a nice walk? Nothing better than trying to find an old banquet in colorful and fun antique markets. Between fifty-fifty silk gloves and porcelain teapots, you find your inlaid wood inlay leather white upholstered bench with leather inserts for a vintage living area with authentic flavor. While a decorated wooden bench, painted in warm colors. That take away the nuances of the distant lands it comes from. Is a perfect accessory to enrich with style details a house of ethnic tastes? Combine leather sofas and cotton carpets with geometric motifs for an African-style look.

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